Sunday, August 24, 2014

Consider This: Charlotte Mason and The Classical Tradition

Have you ever wondered how CM compares to a Classical Education? We hear so much about Classical Ed in Southern California with Classical Conversations, and the church we attend is actually a classical school during the week where some of my friends work and many of the children my kids know attend.

So where does CM fit in to it all?

We read the classics; unabridged.
We study Latin.
We read Shakespeare, Plutarch.
It seems classical enough... but always more obscure in the educational realm and somehow not quite legitimately academic enough to be considered "classical."

Truth be told, my general understanding of the difference lay somewhere between today's classical educators' application of the trivium - i.e., the three stages of a child's learning - memorizing declensions, and the fact that CMers do outdoor nature study while classical students seem to study nature in their classrooms.

All that is changing now, thanks to Karen Glass' soon-to-be released book, Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition.

In this simple, straightforward, well-researched book Karen maps out the foundations as well as some of the fallacies of classical education, resetting our course towards intrinsic truths in education and inspiring us to pick up this vital torch for the children's sake. Brimming with quotes for our commonplace books, Consider This widens our view of the Charlotte Mason education we know, aligning her philosophy with some of the greatest thinkers of all time. And whether Charlotte Mason's pedagogy ever comes to be called "classical" or not, as a CM educator, you will be inspired knowing that the education you bring to your children has its foundation in "understanding that grows bright gazing on many truths." Consider This will be right next to For The Children's Sake in my recommended reading for people new to her methods.

Currently, the release date is set to October 25, 2014. To be notified of any updates you can subscribe on Karen's website at www.karenglass.net. We will also be reading through Karen's book at our local CM meeting beginning in November (if the book is released as scheduled).