Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Fat Cat and other Poems

Some fun and interesting poems found scribbled in a child's notebook...

The Fat Cat

There was a fat cat
who found a hat right in
the middle of the street.
He picked it up with
a good enough pluck to pick
up an overweight horse!

That horse neighed until
he was bade to dance
with an Irish jade

And that fat cat sat
atop his hat watching the horse neigh and bray
'til he was done with
his jig and jade.

Naughty Cat

Kitty cat, kitty cat sleeping
on my head
Why can't you sleep on that
side of the bed?


Spring has come, and all flowers
are bloomed
Winter has gone and all
his storms are doomed.
Summer will come still on
the run, of course without

Day and Night

When the sun rises,
the birds too must rise.
When the moon rises,
the birds must say their

For a Younger Brother

Tap a tap-tap, goes the
rain on my hat.
With a rap a rap-rap-er-doo.
So I'll take a hap with
the rain on my hat, in the
middle of winter blue.