Friday, September 18, 2009

A Momentous Event!

At midnight (my most productive hour of the day) on this day; Friday, September 18th, let the "Living Charlotte Mason in California" Blog begin!

I hope this will be a place where we can post our thoughts, ideas, and reflections on living a Charlotte Mason Education with our children in this harsh and arid land that is California :)

In addition to the usual talk of CM things like narration, nature study, composer study and the like, we can also use this platform to talk about things like the need for a "West Coast" version of Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study where Oak leaves are accurately depicted as oblong, not lobed, and why Paddle doesn't come down the Colorado River and learn about droughts and the struggles that arise between farmers and Native Americans over water supply :)

If you've been invited to be a contributor on this blog, feel free to post at anytime about anything CM. I'm planning on linking to some of the "What is CM" and "How do I CM" blogs and sites so that we can be free to post about our own personal experiences, reflections, and thoughts that come up as we implement CM in our home and our lives. Thus, "living CM" in the title. Which, by the way was Johnna's great idea for a title - thanks Johnna!

Any thoughts, ideas on the blog's appearance, layout, etc. let me know. (I'm already working on widening it). We do need a header for the blog. Jen, were you going to look into some of your journal drawings?

This is a public and open blog so only post what information you feel comfortable with the entire world knowing, although I somehow find it unlikely that too many non-CM enthusiasts would happen this way.

Now let the posting begin!

But before I leave this post with text only, look at this little treasure one of the boys found in the harbor today. The first picture is the top of it, the second is the underside. Anyone able to find this in their field guide? (Note the very wrinkly fingers! A telltale sign of hours of fun in the water!!)

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