Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shelby and Daisy

Hello All,

Rachelle here, this is my first time blogging/posting, anywhere, woohoo! I am the mother of 4 wonderful daughters, and love CMism in my life.

We recently moved to a more rural area and home and are beginning our "Homestead" adventure, starting with Shelby and Daisy. Well, we actually started with their home...

my girls painted it....

THEN (Saturday Oct. 17th), we brought home Shelby and Daisy.....
and started waiting for our first egg.

We have had so much fun getting to know their personalities, feeding them Blue Marine Butterflies by hand, and waiting for them to lay their first eggs.

I was awakened this moring by a great squaking from the chicken coop and went to investigate. No egg, just loud chickens, so I thought. A little while later one of the chickens was in the nesting box making another fuss so went out again and.......

OUR FIRST EGG!!! (well, Shelby's first egg for us).
At the time we did not know it was Shelby's because after we had removed the egg, Daisy was sitting on the same nesting box, fussing and fixing and adding straw, we thought she was brooding after laying her egg. Later, Jolie came running in....."Mom, did we leave the egg in the chicken coop?" NO! Daisy had laid HER first egg for us. We had learned that chickens commonly use the same nesting box.

What an exciting morning. We will have them tonight with Daddy. He wishes he could have been here. Me too.


  1. Rachelle,
    That is so wonderful!! Congratulations on your new livestock! May Daisy and Shelby bring you many days of eggs benedict. We would love to visit your new homestead. Nolan said, "So that's why they don't come to nature study!"

  2. Rachelle,

    We miss you! Such fun your girls will have gathering eggs in the morning for breakfast:)