Friday, October 2, 2009

Speaking of...

Speaking of icing on the cake, this is my friend Jen today.

Her and her boys collected all of these butterflies and moths. She was explaining the process to us and it's a little more involved than you'd think because butterflies don't die in perfect position for mounting.

I know she read Girl of the Limberlost last year... about a girl who collected rare moths. I think I'm making a "science of relations" connection here :)

Here's the elusive California Sister we think we saw today and were not able to catch. Jen really wants to add this one to her collection. Isn't it so beautiful?

Here's a Tiger Swallowtail that we sometimes see in our yard - this is another one Jen's after.

Makes me want to get a net... tomorrow!

Who says women need a career to feel accomplished?


  1. I love your butterfly collection Jen:)

  2. Naomi, I say this IS our career! And it is a great one, isn't it?
    Great post!