Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lady Tulip

A friend brought me these tulips. Aren't they lovely?

We might expect that the Lady Tulip would be a stately flower, if we should consider her history. She made her way into Europe from the Orient during the sixteenth century, bringing with her the honor of being the chosen flower of Persia, where her colors and form were reproduced in priceless webs from looms of the most skilled weavers. No sooner was she seen than worshiped, and shortly all Europe was at her feet.

A hundred years later, the Netherlands was possessed with the tulip mania. Growers of bulbs and brokers who bought and sold them indulged in wild speculation. Rare varieties of the bulbs became more costly than jewels, one of the famous black tulips being sold for about $1800. Since then, the growing of tulips has been one of the important industries of the Netherlands.

~Handbook of Nature Study, Anna Botsford Comstock (emphasis mine)

In the red varieties, there is a six-pointed star at the heart of the flower...

I couldn't resist :)


  1. Your knowlegde is astounding and so are your photos and I LOVE your painting- SO Charlotte Mason :O)

    Blessings again!!!!

  2. Thank you Pauline! It's all quoted from the Handbook of Nature Study - those books sure do make a person sound smart don't they? :) So fun to have a friend in Australia!