Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letting Alone

Doesn't this movie look adorable!?

The film is a documentary by French filmmaker Thomas Balmès that follows the first year in the life of four babies born into four very different homes: a mud hut in a Namibian village, a yurt in the Mongolian steppes, a skyscraper in Tokyo, and a townhouse in San Francisco. There is no voice over, no subtitles, and almost no dialogue, and when there is dialogue it’s more often than not in another language. It’s 80 minutes of quietly watching four adorable little babies explore four very different worlds.

I heard that the moral of this movie is...

not that all mothers should be careless and selfish, but that they should give their children the ease of a good deal of letting alone, and should not oppress the young people with their own anxious care. ~Charlotte Mason

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