Monday, May 10, 2010

The Man in The Gardens

But much may be done with sparrows. A friend writes: -- "Have you seen the man in the gardens of Tuileries feeding and talking to dozens of them? They sit on his hat, his hands, and feed from his fingers. When he raises his arms they all flutter up and then settle again on him and round him. I have watched him call a sparrow from a distance by name and refuse food to all others till 'petit chou,' a pretty pied sparrow, came for his destined bit. Others had their names and came at call, but I could not see any distinguishing feature; and the crowd of sparrows on the walk, benches and railing, formed a most attentive audience to the bright French talk which kept them in constant motion as they were, here one and there another, invited to come for a tempting morsel. Truly a St. Francis and the birds!" ~Charlotte Mason, Vol. 1 p. 59

In this video you can see Jen's husband feeding the scrub jays in their neighborhood. He knows them individually by their markings and behavior and as you can see, has earned their trust.


  1. WOW! How amazing is that... Charlotte Mason would be thrilled with his powers of observation which are so LACKING these days!!! And I LOVE your blog "O)


  2. Thanks Pauline! It really is amazing. Jen says the jay has even come into their house before!