Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rainy Day Art

Sometimes it actually rains out here in California. Or they say it's going to, and then it doesn't. In either case, when that happens on our Nature Day, we have to figure something out.

CM says that unless it's pouring, we should head out anyway, which we do with our kids at times, but this time, we opted for a fun art day at Jen's.

Here's Jen showing the kids how to sketch with a Sharpie, the key being to keep the pen moving. She had them use pens so they couldn't erase.

She set up four stations - flowers in the kitchen, corn snake in another room, shells in the living room, and a bug collection in the last.

Just look at those collections and how beautifully displayed they are - those aren't store bought! Drawing from things in the round.

Next they picked their favorite drawing and painted it with watercolors.

Here is my six-year-old son's 'crude' sketches, the sort that would 'scandalized a teacher'. Let him be our little test subject for CM's philosophy and see if "by and by a another buttercup will appear with the delicate poise, uplift and radiance of the growing flower". It's taking a lot of faith Charlotte!!

My eight-year-old daughter's sketches.

And Mommy's.
Oh yes, this isn't just for the kids ladies!

Jen pulled out a wooden horse as the platform for their recitation. So fun!

It made this little one come up with a sweet recitation without prompting - he wanted to ride the horse too!

What do you do on rainy days? Post a comment, let me know!


  1. LOVE this. how fun. and jen's collection of goodies, amazing.

  2. Rainy days in Queensland are a bit like in California I think! So there aren't too many days that we have to be inside but we don't do anything nearly as exciting as what you did this day! It looks amazing and wonderful!!! And it looks like everyone had a really great time!Thanks for sharing.