Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Achieving Amazing Results on A Fraction of the Budget

Here are the results of a New Study of Homeschoolers in College posted on HSLDA's site. I think you'll be encouraged by the results.

So in reality, the average homeschooler is spending $500 to educate each of their own children, on top of contributing taxes to the public education their children aren't receiving, while achieving better results, while, contrary to popular opinion, still managing to produce well socialized citizens, AND managing criticism that they're not 'qualified' enough to do so.

Wow, my hats off to an amazing group of people. Thanks to the parents of these kids and the pioneers of homeschooling and the folks over at HSLDA, our paths are much smoother today.

I think the important question to consider after reading this article is: What would you do with an extra $9500 per child per year in your homeschool to match the public school spending!?!? If it had to be spent on education within the year?

Build a home library and fill it with books?
Field trip to Europe? Fiji? Tokyo?
Road Trip across the US to visit historic landmarks?
Offer to homeschool an underprivileged child?

Imagine how we might stimulate the economy ;-P

What would you do?

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