Friday, August 13, 2010

Blue Passion Vine

We visited the local library yesterday to browse through their large used books section. By the time I got there, Kristine had stacks of books pulled for anyone interested and had found beautiful hardcover versions of a few YR3 books which we didn't have yet - Heroes by Kingsley, Caddie Woodlawn, Water Babies and some others. And sitting there on the wall with a $1.50 sticker on it was The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

It was a beautiful day :)

Just a short walk downhill from there is a fenced off nature area with little trails running through. Kristine's oldest boy found this Gulf Fritillary freshly emerged from its cocoon. Its wings still dripping fluid, it walked easily onto his finger for us to observe and take pictures. This picture unfortunately doesn't do justice to the pearly iridescence on its wings. Stunning.

The fritillary's favorite host plant is the Passion Vine which is just starting to bloom there. Have you ever seen such a unique, stunning, dramatic flower?

There is a story to this flower you may have heard of: the legend of the Passion Flower, Passiflora incarnata.

The spiky purple-blue flowers were said to have been used by early Spanish missionaries to exemplify lessons from the Passion, or Crucifixion, of Christ. The ten sepals and petals represent the ten true Apostles, the spiky crest represents the crown of thorns, the five stamens represent the five wounds, and the stigmas, the three nails.

It never ceases to amaze me what fantastic treasures and discoveries await us on our nature days.

by Mary Baker Eddy
January 1900

It matters not what be thy lot,
So Love doth guide;
For storm or shine, pure peace is thine,
Whate'er betide.

And of these stones, or tyrants' thrones,
God able is
To raise up seed - in thought and deed -
To faithful His.

Aye, darkling sense, arise, go hence!
Our God is good.
False fears are foes - truth tatters those,
When understood.

Love looseth thee, and lifteth me,
Ayont hate's thrall:
There Life is light, and wisdom might,
And God is All.

The centuries break, the earth-bound wake,
God's glorified!
Who doth His will - His likeness still-
Is satisfied.

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  1. Two of my children and I rummaged through our library's for sale books yesterday... 13 books for three dollars! We found an awesome book of poetry, Eusebius, Bede, Jacques Costeau, Goldsmith... love it! Aren't they wonderful?