Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Book of Centuries

One of the classes offered at the Childlight Conference we attended earlier this year was a class called "Paper Trails, CM Ways with Student Work" by Laurie Bestaver. The description of the class followed... You know about the nature notebook but what is a "fortitude list," "a commonplace," a "century chart?"...

Kristine and I agreed to split up to get the most coverage of all the classes at the conference so while she attended that class, I opted for a class on CM's four pillars, which I ended up sneaking out of to catch the tail end of the one on Math.

After hearing Kristine rave about Laurie's class, I was bummed I hadn't attended, but you just can't get to them all! Thankfully, however, Laurie Bestaver posted to the Childlight blog just this week on the Book of Centuries - one of the things she covered in that class. In her post, she sheds light on what that really looked like in CM's schools including drawings and graphic illustrations.

And this is why I love Childlight - they seek to know the truth about CM's philosophy and methods and share that with the rest of us as best as they can. And they do it from a heart full of passion for the truth in the goodness of a CM education for the child.

You can read Laurie's post here: The Book of Centuries Revisited by Laurie Bestaver

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  1. me too. I wholeheartedly appreciate childlight! so thankful!

    amy in peru