Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Photo Roundup 11/30

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Here are a few photos from the past couple weeks capturing some fun moments:

A close encounter with a Great Blue Heron...

A first time volunteered recitation... precious.

this counts as phys ed and science...

An adorable handcraft - tutorial and template here. There's no end to how many people you will want to make these sweet dolls for!

My kids each picked the fabric they wanted - so fun! And you can customize them as much as you like with little accessories and things unique to that person.

I knit a scarf for one, taught my daughter how to make a little draw-string pouch for hers, made small and large pockets for their dresses, flowers and bows with buttons for their hair, a collar... they also wanted open eyes so I cut some felt for eyes and did a french knot in the center of each with white thread. The pigtails can easily be added by cutting the shape you want and stitching them on the inside.

The second one over is a boy version I made for my son - he has a spear that he carved for an accessory :) The last one on the right my daughter made with me for a friend, we're still working out what to do for the face. You can get all kinds of ideas by doing an image search for "black apple doll" on google or flickr. They make great little affordable gifts!

And last but not least, here's a short video of our two new pets - "Chocolate" and "Vanilla". A friend of ours had a friend who was giving Chocolate away because of her son's allergies. We were thrilled to have her. Shortly after we went and got Vanilla, another female as a companion. It took a few hours, but they get along great now and snuggle together. The kids handle them every day and make lego houses for them to explore and feed them treats - they're really easy and fun pets to keep. Although my hubby is merely tolerating them at this point and keeps referring to them as 'rats', he's allowed them because the kids love them so much - so sweet!

Notice my 3yo in the video is told not to touch the wheel, so she puts her hand to the side of it?! She's testing those boundaries and exerting her dominion. And she looks right at me for my reaction when she does it! Saucy little thing she is at times.

Well we're off to finish week 12 this week - so long to DaVinci, Princess and the Goblin, William Blake, Durer and Beethoven, it has been a wonderful 12 weeks with them. Onto the awkward anticipation of the getting acquainted phase with Children of the New Forest and Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare, Sara Teasdale and Hilda Conkling, Caravaggio and Vivaldi!

What a feast!

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  1. Oh, the dolls came out so cute! Thanks for helping me make one. That was so fun.
    Your mice are too cute. Ours would share the wheel too. I think they like the company. Too cute.