Thursday, June 16, 2011

Handcraft Fair

For sometimes when we wonder, we can make things begin to happen.
~Teacher in The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong
Once or twice a year our little nature study group gathers at a coffee shop in the evening without the children to talk and plan through nature study locations, field trips and events we'd like to incorporate into our schedule.

I believe the idea began when we were discussing Almanzo's milk fed pumpkin and how fun it would be to do something like that and have some sort of a fair where we could show it or win a prize for it.

From there we began to plan and discuss; we set a date, then reset the date. We thought about prizes, etc., but in the end it we kept it as simple as - make or grow something by hand to sell and bring your own mat to lay out your wares.

It's late so I'm just going to let the pictures do the rest here, but I will say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was so fun going from mat to mat to see everyone's unique creations! We all agreed this needs to be an annual event and have already started thinking about a Holiday Handcraft Fair sometime around Thanksgiving!


  1. How NEAT! I love it!!! I need to find some MORE Charlotte Mason schoolers are my area and do one of these! ;)

  2. Awesome! And inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for posting this Naomi! That was such a meaningful experience! My boys haven't stopped talking about it:)

  4. This is a great idea. I might have to borrow it for our group.

  5. Naomi... the cm blog carnival is on handiwork TODAY, did you submit this? you must! it's hosted at holistic homeschooler this time around! do share!

    LOVE it. I will be back!!


  6. Amy, thanks for the heads up. I just submitted it, hopefully it'll get in :)

  7. This is so intriguing. I would have never thought of such a thing. I love the hatchets and insect display cases. What did your children make the hatchet heads with? And I'd love more details on those insect displays- what you used to make them...
    Thanks for sharing. You have a lovely blog.

    1. I should have replied to you here, but it's below as a comment:)

  8. Thanks so much! For the hatchets, I ordered arrowheads from the internet, and my kids found sticks and tied it all together with twine and super glue. Those were fun to make and pretty easy! For the insect displays in these pictures we used boxes from Michaels (with some fabric at the bottom) and insect pins from Home Science Tools.