Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School 2011

The first week of school always lands on a four day school week because of Labor Day. But AO has a full week for week 1 - regardless of when you start. So rather than start our year with the stress of trying to squeeze it all in, I decided to split the first week over two weeks. This would also allow me time to hand out our hymn books, new notebooks, discuss new books, composer, artist, and walk through the schedule pointing out new subjects - grammar, latin, plutarch, etc. We also talked about which books will be read independently, listened to on audio, or read with me; all things that are important for them to know.

After we were done with introductions, my first born daughter characteristically ran off to read two days worth of poetry, the first chapter of Story Book of Science, listen to a chapter of This Country of Ours, and check them off her schedule.

My second born son asked if he was done and could go outside to play now :/

My main goal this year, for my YR4 daughter is to get her working more independently. Her schedule, her responsibility to narrate, rather than me always asking for it.

For my YR2 son, my goals are to continue improving on his reading and to get through some of the more difficult books like Pilgrim's Progress without diminished interest; maintaining and cultivating that love of books and learning, which the CM method so wonderfully preserves.

With my 3, almost 4yo, my main focus is training her to use a regular tone of voice, ie. not fuss and whine when she doesn't get her way. I think this one thing would have the greatest impact on the peace in our home and is worthy of my utmost attention. It will take great vigilance and the patience and grace only God can provide, but I am willing because the alternative is just NOT an option.

With my almost 5 month old, I'm trying to figure out if it's gas, teething, or is he over-tired? I suppose like the rest of the bunch, he'll grow up and be running around before I ever figure it out.

Here are our first day of school pictures...

Never did get the perfect one ;-)


  1. Your kiddos are so cute! Great idea about splitting up the first week into two weeks! I like how you listed the things that you & your kids need to work on! It's good to have those clearly defined!

  2. I really like the idea of having specific goals for each child.