Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Folk Song - Aiken Drum

Here are #3 and 4 and last month's AO folk song :)

Why do we teach folk songs? What is the purpose? Is it to open up a window into the life of another in a distant time and place? Is it to study the music of the common folk and its impact in their lives? Is it a memorization exercise? Is it to learn History? Nationality? Culture?

Here's a post over at The Common Room that I think speaks to some really good reasons why.

And here are a couple fun folk songs for kicks:

This one is for all of us who struggle with keeping house:

This one is just too much!

And here's one I just love that I've played so many times, my daughter promised me she'd NEVER like it and said he sounds like Fozzie Bear :\

And here's one coming up this year on the AO folksong rotation that is adorable:

What songs come to your mind when you think of Folk Songs? Link