Monday, November 5, 2012

Handicrafts - November 2012

The weather has been really fickle. First it's fall so we pulled out our warm jackets and boots, then it's back in the 90s squeezing in more beach and pool days, then cold again, then extreme heat - whatever it is, it's handicraft season as far as I'm concerned :)

Here's a potato chip scarf that can be knit with one skein of yarn for a little one. 

This was a pillow my 5yo was supposed to make. Not knowing her own limitations, she pulled out the field guide and pointed to a lazuli bunting she said she would embroider on the front of it. I thought I could outline and she could fill in, and she probably could have, but I ended up just doing it for her quickly since she got distracted by visitors. Not my best piece of embroidery, but she loves it and sleeps with it every night :)

These fabric flowers are a really fun way to use up left over fabric. I made one each for the giveaway bags at my daughter's birthday party last week along with a used book in each bag from the library book store - Caps for Sale, Dogger, Stone Soup, Little Toot, etc. I also threw in a candy for good measure :)

Here's a sailor's knot bracelet I made for the boys. It's tricky at first, but once you figure it out it's fun to make.

The kids made these pouches on their own with the sewing machine and hand stitching.

I made these for my girls with a pendant setting I got for half price at Hobby Lobby (did you know they play hymns in the store?) They ended up costing me only $1.50 each! I've seen them on Etsy for $25. I outlined the circle on a piece of fabric, then embroidered a picture I liked inside the circle, cut it out slightly larger, cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the circle, wrapped the embroidery around the piece of cardboard and then set it inside the pendant. I'll probably go back and get a chain for them, in the meantime the thread looks cute too. There's no end to the different things you could make with these. They're great little gifts. You can find the best setting for these a little pricier at Etsy here.

My daughter crocheted these cozy Mary Janes for her and her little sister. She used this pattern and adjusted it to make the bigger ones for herself.

Here's a favorite recipe Kristine shared with us a few years ago. It's the best apple pie crust ever because of the way it drizzles the sugary buttery sauce all over the crust causing it to bubble up and even frozen crusts end up nice and flaky and crispy - we love it!

Here's my 5yo enjoying tea at a friends. Crepes with a choice of fresh cream, fried bananas, carmel, nutella, cinammon sugar and Rooibos. Here's an article on the Virtues of Tea by Lynn Bruce who claims a pot of tea can change your children's lives :)  

Our next project is this cute little pincushion. I'm also considering making something delicate crocheting thread like a doily or table runner for the tea table. I'll have to see how much patience I have for that.  

What are you working on this fall?


  1. I'm interested in the apple pie recipe, but the link in the article seems to direct me to the pattern for the crochet slippers just above the apple pie pic. Would you mind rechecking the link?



  2. It's fixed! Thanks for letting me know.