Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marine Layer

If you live in Southern California, you are familiar with the "marine layer" which sometimes hampers a perfectly sunny day at the beach. A few miles inland it's a hot, sunny beautiful day so you rally the troops and head to the beach only to find that the coast is completely overcast.

Sometimes you pack up and head home if the kids are cold (Layer! Always layer your clothes in California because you just never know), but most days you stick it out in hopes that it will eventually "burn off". As long as it's warm enough, the kids have a great time. 

I took this picture right before I dropped my phone in the tidepool! It didn't look so pretty next to the gorgeous color of these rocks and limpets. In case you're wondering, I grabbed it, removed the battery as quickly as I could, then took it home later and opened it up, wiped down all the parts with distilled water to remove any saltwater residue, left it in a bag of rice for a week and, aside from the volume control, it's working again! {crossing my fingers} 

And there's that blue sky!

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