Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nature Observations June 6, 2013

A quick post on my observations this week. I have no idea what this plant is...

But look at the beautiful way it seeds - suspended between two wings while the holding frames move further and further apart. I've never seen a plant that seeds this way; such a beautifully imagined process and the orderliness of the line of seeds... it's all so amazing!

There's a lot going on on this plant! The beautiful yellow of the oleander aphids caught my attention. We were on the move so I didn't have time to watch.

Arica saw this on a tree stump. Some kind of mold or fungus, but I wasn't able to identify it. Here's a great site I found in the process though: California Fungi

Here's Kristine making black mustard wreaths for the little girls :)

Here's the spot the girls chose for nature journaling. They both have their little brothers with them :)

These beetles were all over the ground by the black mustard and the heliotrope.

Here's the Chinese Parsley, Heliotrope, Salt heliotrope, seaside heliotrope - Heliotropium curassavicum

There was a beautiful field of black mustard the girls found behind their nature journal spot.

Here's the boys nature journaling. They dug up the earth, put the stump in the center, carried all the mulch over and decorated the stump for the "Council of Elrond". Not sure if it was Kristine's or Jen's boys who came up with the idea but my boy came home saying they were all going to do that for recitation next time :)

Katie (a mom) saw these little guys... click on the picture for a closer look.

Here's a beautiful shot of the spider webs covering every opportune spot. With the light coming through you could see all the insects flying around.


  1. Lovely photos. And I love the photo of the girls' nature study spot!

  2. Wonderful photos! It looks like you had a great time doing nature study this week.

  3. I love seeing what people in other parts of the country get to see in nature. You have found such a lovely spot to do your nature studies. I would love to spend time under those trees. That mystery plant is really beautiful.