Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 Days of CM at Afterthoughts and The Flip Side of Habit Training

If you aren't familiar with Brandy's blog Afterthoughts, head over and check out her thought provoking posts. She has a lot to say about CM and education and current events and books and the kinds of things up our alley. And she's a fellow Californian :) In fact, I may even be meeting her in person next month! God willing.

She's just wrapping up her 31 Days of Charlotte Mason and has a directory of all the posts here, including one by yours truly on The Flip Side of Habit Training.

Isn't that the cutest graphic?

When I first learned about her blog, I knew it wasn't humanly possible for any one homeschooling mom to consistently compose as many posts as she does - well thought out, educated posts at that! - so I concluded she must have pre-written them and was now just posting them, one after the other! Well, I was wrong. She really is that amazing in her output and a pleasure to read too. Enjoy!

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