Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Handicraft Fair 2015

Years ago during a planning meeting for our old nature group, one mom talked about her reading about growing pumpkins for a county fair in Farmer Boy and one thing led to another and the result was a Handicraft Fair where our kids could bring the things they make during the year and display and sell them.

For four years since that meeting, local CM groups and individual families have participated in these biannual Handicraft Fairs by coming together at a large park and setting out their creations. It's become an exciting event for many and a wonderful coming together of the larger community.

It can also be challenging to get it all together in time and work with the kids to help them through the ups and downs of planning, creating, preparing, setting up, etc. My daughter forgot one of the things she spent a lot of time working on this year and that was a sad moment of realization. So it is also a learning experience for each family through their experiences with it.

You can browse posts from previous fairs here:





And here are the pictures from this past week's fair:

Delicious Almond Butter

They really work!

Lovely paintings ;)

My favorite booth at the fair - Yum!
Someone brought Free Cotton Candy run on a generator! A+ on the report card this year for this family :)

Boys organizing sparring matches with their newly purchased wooden swords.

Littles watching the mock battle about to start that ensued shortly after the sparring matches.

Girls doting on a friend's baby girl

Girls now putting their handmade headband on baby girl :)


  1. I enjoy reading about your handicraft fair each year. I hope to one day have a large enough group here that we can arrange something like this!

  2. We've done something very similar to this at our local library for the last six years too! The lessons and learning, on so many different levels are amazing. And I'm always giddy at how amazing all the products are and the pride each seller has.

  3. Please convey my admiration and encouragement to each of your young artisans. They truly exemplify the CM ideas of creating something beautiful with their hands. Lovely! Would enjoy knowing more about some of these creative handicrafts.

  4. Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun! What a great idea!

  5. I love your posts about this event. Kudos to all the families involved! And thank you for sharing the pictures.