Corot Picture Study

After re-watching the Eve Anderson DVD on Picture Study I decided to make individual cardstock prints for each of my kids this year. It cost me less than $15 for all of these beautiful 8.5 x 5.5 prints. I used to pass one full size print around and then put it up for a month. I think this will be much more personal and gives them a chance to have their own.

I also think it's one thing to read what others say about a person, but an entirely different thing to read their own thoughts and ideas directly, as Charlotte says 'mind-to-mind'. I found a beautiful quote by Corot to a pupil in this Gutenberg bio that I felt told me more about him and his painting than anything else I'd read from others about him:
“Beauty in art is truth bathed in the impression, the emotion that is received from nature.... Seek truth and exactitude, but with the envelope of sentiment which you felt at first. If you have been sincere in your emotion you will be able to pass it on to others.” 
How much more to give words and a mind like this to our kids!