Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Nature Study Guide by W.S. Furneaux

In a previous post, inspired by the sheer spot-on-ness of what was written in W.S. Furneaux's A Nature Study Guide which I had just happily acquired, I made an outline of it hoping you could employ its truths. It's a rare old book mentioned by Charlotte Mason in her programmes to be used in Special Studies and for reference.  

  Well, now, thanks to AmblesideOnline, more specifically Phyllis Hunsucker who organized and set up the typing of it, and the lovely volunteers who have been typing a few pages each to help the cause, W.S. Furneaux's A Nature Study guide is available for you to read for yourself! Well, in part until the rest is completed.

The first three chapters contain the principles and methods of nature study prescribed by Furneaux and the rest of the book works through various studies by season. In the back of the book are sections on classification of animals, classification of plants, the school museum, aquaria, vivaria, the rearing of insects, the school garden, garden friends, garden foes, nature lantern slides, and nature note-books and diaries - all of which will hopefully become available soon.

Here is the link: http://amblesideonline.org/Furneaux.html


  1. Where do we find a copy of this resource? Sounds fabulous!

    1. Amy Jo in the AmblesideOnline Forum posted a link to what looks like a reprint of it here: https://amblesideonline.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=6656&pid=300874#pid300874
      Otherwise, the book is very rare, which is why it's exciting that AmblesideOnline has made it available online at the link in my post :)