Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Mason Jar with Cindy Rollins - Nature Study

Cindy Rollins has been running a podcast called The Mason Jar over at the Circe Institute Podcast focusing on Charlotte Mason's methods and if you don't know Cindy, you're going to love her. She is down-to-earth, genuine, humble, knowledgeable about CM, and has practical experience from her years of homeschooling her many children.

She has interviewed many of the AmblesideOnline Advisory as well as Dr. Jack Beckman and others on various CM topics. I was blessed by the opportunity to discuss CM nature study with her and her podcast audience, you can listen to that conversation here.


  1. I really enjoyed this and shared it with my CM Nature friends. <3

  2. Thank you! This interview was encouraging and helpful. I am curious about the book about nature walks in 1916 that you quoted from near the end. What is this book, and where could I find it?

  3. Thank you Ellie! Dumondo, it's called The Changing Year, I have a post on it here on the blog somewhere. It is out of print. There is one with the same name that isn't the same book. It is on AmblesideOnline's list of books to type and make available since it is in the public domain.