SocalCM and Upcoming Conferences

We've created a new FB group SocalCM for any "CMers" who live in Southern California. There are many things particular to us - like the Burgess books aren't talking about our birds! So we created this space to connect and contemplate together about many and sundry such things. 

Before you hop over to join the group, please be aware this group is not a place to sell products or services or spam a list. (Is it sad that I even need to say that? YES!) Neither is it a place to argue the rightness about the particulars of CM, or the rightness of something that is completely not CM - there are forums for that and this group is not it. Civil discussions are welcome.

Our hope is that this group will provide a fun and engaging space for us all. Of the many things I've heard CM moms say over the years, the one thing they long for is community and connection with other CMers - people who love and enjoy the wide feast also. We realize there are many pockets of individuals and groups here, there, and everywhere in Socal so we hope it will be a place where you can find that as well as encouragement and inspiration. 

You can find the group at

We are also having a conference this coming weekend and hope many of you were able to register. Registration is closed already but you can follow along at our hashtag #socalcmconference where we'll hopefully get to posting pics from the day. 

The AmblesideOnline Camp Meeting is coming up April 4th - 6th, 2019 in Dickson, TN. Registration opens November 1st and will likely sell out quickly so don't wait to register! 

The Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, CA is coming up June 13th - 15th